Publication History

This first printing, February, 2016, contains a few errors that have been corrected in the second printing, July, 2017:

Line 119, add comma after "generations".

Line 126, read "Know'st" for "Know".

Line 174, read "Know’st thou" for "Know thee".

Line 313, read "say" for "saith".

Lines 29 and 122, read "shew" for "show".

Lines 290-1 should read

                        Intreat me not to leave thee or to stay
                        from foll’wing after only thee now. For

Lines 727-728 should read,

                        that some of Moab’s blood, whatever way
                        may be, still runneth true within thy veins.

Line 756, read "shewed" for "shown".


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